Would you like to maximize your home's value before you sell but are not sure where to start? I provide a free service to all of my clients which includes a comparative market analysis of your home. In that analysis we go through all of the comparable homes in your neighbourhood that have recently sold. We also look at the homes that have expired without selling and the active homes that are currently listed (your competition). Based on that information we can form an unbiased market value of your home.  From there we can make well-informed, market-based assessments about what could be done to your home to add value in the eyes of the buyer.

After all of that work preparing your home, you want to make certain it is marketed with the right plan. I have multiple plans available for my clients depending on their needs: professional photography and video tours, print advertising in local and out of town media, internet and social network marketing targeting the people most likely to purchase your property, and fully marketed open houses to drive buyers to your door. Please have a look at the sample video below and contact me any time to find out what I offer in more detail.

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Sample Listing Video